Heads up! ?? With the new Florida stay at home order, we’ve had to adjust a few things. Our hours are now Monday 11-3, closed Tuesday, Wednesday 8-2, Thursday 11-3, closed Friday, Saturday 11-3 and closed Sunday. We’ll see how this works, hopefully we won’t have to make too many more changes. Thank you for bearing with us ??

We also have moved to curbside pickup and one-on-one shopping, as well as online. That just means you can come in our back door (see new set up here) and we’ll personal shop for you while you hang out in this little mini shop. Pretty cool - you get all the goodies you’re used to, we pick them out for you and everyone stays compliant with social distancing ? This will be a temporary measure and we’ll back in the normal routine, loving on your doggies, before we all know it! As always, thank you for sticking thru this by our side ❤️